About Us

Who We Are

The Windsor-Essex County Environment Committee (WECEC) is a group of environmental-related organizations that meet monthly to ensure the ongoing health and stability of our local environment.

What We Do

  • Protect and enhance the quality of the environment for residents in Windsor and Essex County
  • Provide advice and guidance to City and County Councils on policies and procedures
  • Provide and support advocacy, community education and outreach programs

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the quality of the environment for residents in Windsor and Essex County by providing advice, guidance, and counsel to City and County Councils on policies and procedures and providing and supporting advocacy, community education and outreach programs.

Vision Statement

WECEC is recognized as a credible and integral agent/component in regional environmental decision making and community engagement.

Terms of Reference

WECEC shall provide advice concerning the following:

  • To assist in developing policies for the City and County, in the general context of ongoing municipal environmental concerns
  • To monitor the application of Federal and Provincial actions in public and private undertakings in the ecosystem affecting the City and County, and from other jurisdictions affecting Essex County's ecosystem
  • Any matter pertaining to policies or bylaws of the City or County or from other governments related to the protection of Essex County's ecosystem
  • The development of activities and action plans within its mandate and to monitor said activities. The Committee's mandate shall not include the review of site specific planning applications. As such, WECEC shall serve as a forum for soliciting public input from residents related to specific environmental issues of concern to the City and/or County, and shall report on its findings.
  • WECEC may advise the City and County on environment based municipal policy alternatives aimed at improving the health and socio-economic welfare of the community.
  • WECEC shall advise and assist with information to further public understanding of environmental issues as they arise through the implementation of education and outreach programs.

Do you have a project you think would be of interest to the Committee?

We are more than happy to accept delegations. Please take a look at our delegation policy and submit a request to our coordinator.

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Delegation Policy.

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